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Toward a Pluralistic Middle East? – Jewish Ideas Daily   2 comments

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Toward a Pluralistic Middle East? – Jewish Ideas Daily.As the Middle East lurches through the present confusion of civil war, revolution, and mass protest, decent people everywhere wonder about the chances of a more pluralistic and democratic order emerging. One way of measuring progress in that direction will be to track the treatment of minorities like the Berbers and the Jews.

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Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office   Leave a comment

Thermo-nuclear weapons: policy and research

This file contains Cabinet Office memos, letters and briefing papers charting the development of Britain’s policy on the use of nuclear weapons. Concerns are expressed about the ‘frightening nature and enormous power’ of this weapon and the effect it could have on ‘an uninformed and ignorant public’. ‘The free world must show that it is ready to retaliate immediately against any aggressor who starts global war‘, reads one memorandum. Another briefing paper uses the ‘pat formula’ that any attack on Britain would involve ’20 bombs on 20 cities causing 20 million deaths’, to which an official adds that we should expect ‘all of the seriously injured to die’.

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