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Halloween Costume Pictures: Spooky Styles a Century Ago   1 comment

College students dressed up for Halloween.

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Halloween Costume Pictures: Spooky Styles a Century Ago.

Possibly conjuring a witch, sorcerer, or clown, one woman’s 1910 Halloween costume (pictured) has several possible meanings, according to Bannatyne.

The star and moon icons, for instance, may reflect a fascination with mysticism and magic, which have been connected to the “spooky aura” of Halloween for centuries, Bannatyne said. (Related: “Ritual Cat Sacrifices a Halloween Myth, Experts Say.”)

“Many of the first Halloween costumes reflected people’s interest in the exotic, such as other cultures,” she said. “You often find Egyptian-inspired costumes, for example, because of the mystic association with ancient Egypt.”

Likewise, she added, this costume’s celestial symbols could represent night—”the domain of Halloween.”

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12 Unforgettable Skydives PHOTOS   Leave a comment

12 Unforgettable Skydives PHOTOS.

via 12 Unforgettable Skydives PHOTOS.Enjoy Mauritius’s most spectacular scenic flight, 10,000 ft above the Indian Ocean, with Skydive Austral.

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