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Lost Leonardo da Vinci painting to break all records – Telegraph

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Pakistan arrests US security contractor as rift with CIA deepens | World news | The Guardian   Leave a comment

Pakistan arrests US security contractor as rift with CIA deepens | World news | The Guardian.

Supporters of the religious party Jamaat-e-Islami rally against CIA employee Raymond Davis, accused of murdering two Pakistanis. Photograph: K.M.Chaudary/AP

Pakistani authorities have arrested a US government security contractor amid a worsening spy agency row between the countries, with Pakistani intelligence calling on the Americans to “come clean” about its network of covert operatives in the country.

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St. Basil's Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan...

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Each city has its own character, by which it unmistakably recognizable. For Moscow, it’s St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, better known as St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Temple of the Intercession on the Moat was created in the middle of the XVI century. the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and the blessing of Metropolitan Macarius. Cathedral – a monument to the victory: most of its churches consecrated to the memory of the events Kazan campaign.

Unique architectural masterpiece was built under the leadership of Russian architects Postnik and bartenders. Their names were discovered in the late XIX century. in the manuscript collection of the XVII century.: “… and the gifts he [Ivan the Terrible], two masters of Russian reclus [nickname] Postnikov and Barma, things were wise and convenient to that miraculous cause.”

The temple was built five and a half years – from 1555 to 1561

Pokrovsky Cathedral silhouette is recognizable around the world because of the unusual architectural composition (nine churches in a single base), and unique coverage of chapters.

At the end of the XVI century. next to St. Basil’s Cathedral on the site pulled down the north-eastern part of the picture over the grave of a holy fool Moscow St. Basil’s church there was consecrated by his name. Unlike churches Pokrovsky Cathedral, where the service is performed in the days dvunadesyatnyh and feast day in the church of St. Basil’s service was daily. This caused the emergence of the national title Pokrovsky Cathedral – Church of St. Basil’s Cathedral. ”

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Britain has highest death rate for breast cancer in Europe – Telegraph   1 comment

An analysis of World Health Organisation data found that the “highest rates” of mortality for women with breast cancer are in Britain with the lowest in Spain.

However lung cancer kills even more women in this country.

In total, 156,000 people in this country are predicted to succumb to all forms of the disease this year, out of a European total of 1.28million.

Mortality rates are falling but the number of deaths remains stable as the population ages.

“Lung, colorectal and breast cancers are the top causes of cancer deaths, and these are showing major changes,” said Professor Carlo La Vecchia of the University of Milan, who led the study.

“Despite these favourable trends in cancer death rates in Europe the number of cancer deaths remains approximately stable, due to the ageing of the population. Further, there is a persisting gap in cancer mortality between central and eastern European countries compared to western Europe, and this is likely to persist for the foreseeable future.”

via Britain has highest death rate for breast cancer in Europe – Telegraph.

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Smaller glaciers, not giant ice caps, tipped to push sea levels up | Earth Times News   Leave a comment

An aerial view of Antarctica. Weddell Sea is t...

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That climate scientists looking into rising sea levels are currently directing their research at the massive ice caps of the Arctic and the Antarctic is hardly surprising. After all, it is estimated the West Antarctica region alone – a mass of land the size of Greenland and home to natural behemoths such as the Pink Island Glacier – is responsible for ten per cent of the global sea level rises seen over the past few years.

However, the findings of a new study suggest that it will be the ‘melt off’ from smaller mountain glaciers and inland ice caps, rather than from the world’s biggest ice shelves, that will drive sea level increases over the coming decades. This new research, which was carried out the University of British Columbia, saw a team of climatologists develop a simulation capable of modelling anticipated volume loss and melt off from some 120,000 sites around the world between now and 120,000. Unlike previously-developed models, this time around the scientists made an effort to achieve detailed projections per region instead of merely focusing on wider trends.

“There is a lot of focus on the large ice sheets but very few global scale studies quantifying how much melt to expect from these smaller glaciers that make up about 40 percent of the entire sea-level rise that we observe right now,” lead researcher Valentin Radic, from the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UBC, explained, writing up the findings in the academic journal Nature Geoscience.

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Why the New Zodiac Changes Nothing – Tech Talk – CBS News   Leave a comment

This is a horoscope originally authored by Chr...

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Why all the fuss about a 13th astrological sign?

Most people, whether they believe in astrology or not, are in the habit of looking up their sign in the newspaper or receiving a daily update via social media. As a student of astrology, I can say that at best this is a great way to pass a few minutes of time each day. But it is not in any way an accurate example of what astrology offers people interested in insights about their personality or challenges in life.

On paper, an astrological chart is a series of symbols arranged in a wheel that creates a statement or series of statements — much like a sentence written in any language. Imagine trying to construct a clear sentence interpreting the meaning of only one word from that sentence. To me, this is what looking up sun sign astrology in the newspaper is like. The only way to use astrology in the way it was created is to look at an entire chart.

Let’s think for a moment that astrology is synonymous with the language of words. Language has grammar, punctuation and words which function as nouns, verbs and adjectives. Astrology has all of these things too, but they are called houses, signs, planets,and aspects. From a person’s birth information an astrologer will create a natal chart — an essay about a person if you will — out of which the 10 planets in the solar system (The Sun and Moon are called planets in astrological charts because Earth is at the center of the chart.) are oriented in relationship to the constellations in the sky along the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the path in the sky of the Sun therefore only a certain number of constellations or signs “cross” the ecliptic. A few thousand years ago there were only 12. Now there are 13.

via Why the New Zodiac Changes Nothing – Tech Talk – CBS News.

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How to Make Mustard   Leave a comment

Yellow mustard seeds
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Lime Mustard with Coriander, from Mustards, Ketchups & Vinegars, by Carol W. Costenbader

2 1/8 cups white mustard seeds, ground

2 tbsp mustard powder

1/2 cup water

2/3 cup white wine vinegar

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tsp ground coriander seeds

Grated zest (rind) of 1 lime

2 1/4 tbsp lime juice

In a bowl, combine the ground mustard seeds and mustard powder with the water. Allow to marinate for 3 hours. Transfer the mixture to a food processor, and gradually add the other ingredients except the lime juice when processing. Sample the mixture, adding enough of lime juice to make it smooth. Spoon into small sterilized jars. Cap the jars tightly, and label. Store in the refrigerator for several months. Yields 2 cups.

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Shipwrecked 2,000-Year-Old Pills Give Clues to Ancient Medicine   Leave a comment

Map of the regione Toscana.
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Scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of whether pills found in a 2,000-year-old shipwreck were, in fact, created and used as effective plant-based medicines.


And the bigger question: Could the ingredients of these ancient tablets still work to help with modern illnesses?

Around 130 B.C., a ship, identified as the Relitto del Pozzino, sank off Tuscany, Italy. Among the artifacts found on board in 1989 were glass cups, a pitcher and ceramics, all of which suggested that the ship was sailing from the eastern Mediterranean area.

via Shipwrecked 2,000-Year-Old Pills Give Clues to Ancient Medicine.

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Cop who ticketed Brooklyn rabbi on Sabbath for jaywalking transferred   Leave a comment




Jewish law prevents observant Jews from writing or forming any meaningful characters on the Sabbath.


via Cop who ticketed Brooklyn rabbi on Sabbath for jaywalking transferred.

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Stalin's 131st Birthday | Video | Multimedia | The Moscow Times   Leave a comment

Joseph Stalin
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Stalin’s 131st Birthday | Video | Multimedia | The Moscow Times.

A group of Russians laid over 4,000 roses on Josef Stalin’s grave Tuesday to commemorate the Soviet dictator’s 131st birthday. Stalin is still one of the most popular historical figures in Russia nearly 19 years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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