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St. Basil's Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan...

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Each city has its own character, by which it unmistakably recognizable. For Moscow, it’s St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, better known as St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Temple of the Intercession on the Moat was created in the middle of the XVI century. the orders of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and the blessing of Metropolitan Macarius. Cathedral – a monument to the victory: most of its churches consecrated to the memory of the events Kazan campaign.

Unique architectural masterpiece was built under the leadership of Russian architects Postnik and bartenders. Their names were discovered in the late XIX century. in the manuscript collection of the XVII century.: “… and the gifts he [Ivan the Terrible], two masters of Russian reclus [nickname] Postnikov and Barma, things were wise and convenient to that miraculous cause.”

The temple was built five and a half years – from 1555 to 1561

Pokrovsky Cathedral silhouette is recognizable around the world because of the unusual architectural composition (nine churches in a single base), and unique coverage of chapters.

At the end of the XVI century. next to St. Basil’s Cathedral on the site pulled down the north-eastern part of the picture over the grave of a holy fool Moscow St. Basil’s church there was consecrated by his name. Unlike churches Pokrovsky Cathedral, where the service is performed in the days dvunadesyatnyh and feast day in the church of St. Basil’s service was daily. This caused the emergence of the national title Pokrovsky Cathedral – Church of St. Basil’s Cathedral. ”

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