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How a true Buddhist lives

Seeking to draw up a code of conduct which would define what it means to be a true follower of the Buddha,  a group of concerned Thai Buddhists and educators sought the advice of Phra Brahmagunabhorn (P.A. Payutto).  The venerable monk has proposed the following guidelines:


[1] To develop toward human excellence: with self-training through education, one can achieve even the Buddhahood.

[2] To look up to Buddha and try to follow his examples of how to cultivate wisdom, purity and loving-kindness.

[3] To abide by dharma or truth, integrity and virtue in one’s actions.

[4] To build a society starting from one’s own family as a sangha with a sense of unity that nurtures collective creativity.

[5] To strive for success by doing good deeds with diligence and heedfulness.

Illustrations were designed by Phra Chaiyos Phuttiwaro and reproduced from Phra Brahmagunabhorn’s Siamsaamtri .


[1] To regularly pay respect to the Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha), one’s parents, teachers and other respectable people.

[2] To follow the five precepts and refrain from all vices.

[3] To perform regular chanting or the reciting of Buddha’s words and to try to understand the meaning of what the Buddha has said at least once a day.

[4] To train one’s mind, for five to 10 minutes daily, to be calm and fresh through meditation as well as by expressing one’s intention to do wholesome deeds.

[5] To perform appropriate acts on holy days such as offering alms to monks, reciting the loving-kindness chant for every being, listening to dharma or reading dharma books. These acts can be performed with other people at home, in the temple, at school or in one’s place of work; they do not need to take up more than 15 minutes of your time.

[6] To be economical and share one’s savings with charities at least once a week or do charitable work such as helping those in distress or supporting some good people/activities.

[7] To do a good act at least once a week, such as paying tribute to the Triple Gems, one’s parents, teachers or ancestors.

[8] To visit temples with a nice ambience and join in religious activities on holy days and other important days for one’s family.

[9] To exercise moderation and balance in one’s consumption.

[10] To perform one’s duty, take care of one’s belongings and work on what should be done in life by practising until one develops the necessary skills.

[11] To set a limit on the entertainment programmes one watches on TV and to not let oneself drift into all the alluring vices; there should be an “entertainment-free day” at least once a month.

[12] To have something that one pays respect to which will remind one of the Triple Gems and one’s commitment to Buddhist principles.


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