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Historic photo of the Cape Hatteras Life-Savin...

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Off Cape Hatteras, Feb. 5, 1861

It had already been a long voyage. For almost two full days, the little steamer Marion had lain at anchor at the mouth of Charleston Harbor, waiting for the weather to clear. Winter rain spattered against the decks and landed, hissing, on the boilers’ iron flanks. Below, several dozen unhappy passengers huddled in the dimness, mothers consoling their wailing children or staggering over to the portholes to be sick.

But on Feb. 3 they had emerged resolutely above decks, despite the weather, as the steamer passed the high walls of the fortress where they were leaving behind their loved ones. There, silhouetted against the gray sky, were Fort Sumter’s defenders, their husbands and fathers. From atop the parapet of Sumter came three rounds of throaty cheers. The women and children, many choking back tears, bravely shouted three cheers in reply.

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