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Let the world know how happy you are. Tell everyone you meet you are having a great day. Even if you think things could be better, help the rest have a cheerful meeting with you.

Keeping a happy outlook only invokes the positive in us all. It’s important for our wellbeing to stay cheerful and do all we can to share the good with those around us. It benefits no one to dwell on the negative. At times we feel low, push that feeling away and smile at something, no matter what, just smile.

The more you show others of your glee the better they will be for seeing you. It is our duty to brighten those around us. After all,your smile may be the only sunshine in their day. A smile is understood in any language.

Remember, an infant smiles at anything and nothing. Share that view and carry yourself as if joy flowed from you like breath. Let others see your happiness and it will be contagious.

Posted February 1, 2011 by dmacc502 in Happiness

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