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The mind is a vast wealth of knowledge with the ability to remember more than we would like sometimes. It’s amazing how we can think of a past occurrence with such detail. I wish to touch on the good parts of our memory and save the unpleasant thoughts for later.

What is the earliest memory you have as a child? I’m 53 and can remember as if it were yesterday, eye surgery at 3 years old. That is my earliest memory.

I was standing in a crib in a hospital room with a patch over my left eye after having a crossed eye correction. I could hear my Father in the hall telling the nurse “don’t tell me it’s past visiting hours, I’m going to see my daughter”. At that moment the door opened and I saw the prettiest bright yellow laced dress I ever saw being handed to me. That’s all I remember from that. It was a wonderful memory I have kept for all these years.

We all have wonderful memories we wouldn’t change for the world. The loss of a loved one immediately turns to only good memories when they pass. Our minds refuse to think of any bad thoughts associated with that person.There again is that vast ability of the mind.

Cherishing past thoughts is a great way to keep the future bright. We can not duplicate the past, but we can effect our new days with good vibes by carrying our memories with us.

Now let’s touch briefly on bad memories.Those too are common with us all. The mind let’s us remember for a reason. Making us stronger by allowing us to remember unpleasant thoughts is way of looking at it. But, I know that isn’t helpful to a rape victim or an abused child who remembers the trauma. It somehow  teaches us to be bitter or resentful.

Try not to allow the bad memories to engulf your mind fully. Put those back in your little vault of knowledge for a day when you can share with others your traumas to help them.

Memories are Gods gift to us. Share them when the occasion arises and let others benefit from our thoughts as well.

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