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Image by Jessie.yang via Flickr

Most parents look for that know all book that we  have yet to find. Parenting is the hardest job anyone can undertake. There is no perfect rules to follow, nothing is labeled as right or wrong. You are on your own except for that advise from others you are afraid to take.

The one and only perfect advise I can give is to listen.Even to infants, just listen. You will learn to know each little sound and understand more by paying attention.

Adults tend to say more than we should when it comes to parenting. We need only guide and share knowledge, not force  feed information like training a pet.

Listening teaches us more than anything about our children. Even when nothing is said, that speaks volumes at times. Your child must know you hear them when they speak, or they will stop. When a child cries and no one answers, they eventually stop.

Try for a short while listening more than you speak and see if you don’t hear all you need.

Posted February 1, 2011 by dmacc502 in children

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