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Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu (1385-1468)

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When we here the word scar, we envision a mark somewhere on the body we try to hide. This is not that type of scar.The scars I will refer to are not seen by the eye. All of us have scars we have obtained over the years. Some more damaging than others.

Scars from divorce, death of a loved one, violence,unemployment, mental illness and a score of others.I will touch only on a few to try and show, our scars aren’t unique.

Sometimes we feel left out in a crowd. Is that because others don’t see us? Or is it because we don’t want to be seen? I find the latter to be true. Our scars keep us from involving ourselves fully with others. We feel, they don’t understand our issues, so we avoid close contact.

Don’t do this anymore. What you need to realize is the people you avoid have hidden scars to. Possibly they are a bit more outspoken but still suffer unseen.

If all of us would treat each other as though our scars were visible, we could look past them and get to know many we otherwise might not have the pleasure of knowing.

All of us have lost a loved one at sometime in our life. It may just be a close neighbor if not a family member. Sometimes we think we are the only person ever to feel such loss.If we try and share our loss, we see others do understand and truly feel sympathetic.

The trauma of loosing a job and the devastation that follows, needs to be spoken about with our friends to try and cope with the abundance of troubles that follow such loss. Keeping to ones self is a lonely road.The problems won’t change, but the sharing will confirm your faith and hold you a bit more stable until a change for the better comes.

Friends, try and stay close to your friends, family, neighbors and even share with acquaintances your scars.Don’t be concerned what they will think of you, they have hidden scars too.

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