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Blueberries may look cute, plump and innocent, but they cost a filthy amount about 3p each in my local fruit shop and if you read the small print, most of the year round they are flown in from alarmingly distant places, such as Chile, Peru and planet Zog.As my older sister and her husband are both running for the Green Party in this election and have mostly given up flying to save on carbon emissions, our household consumption of blueberries feels a bit, well Sarah Palinesque.The problem is, we really like them. So when I looked into starting some “edible containers” on my roof terrace sadly, containers in which you grow fruit and vegetables, not chocolate-flavoured planters, I was struck by how often blueberries were recommended.Apart from needing moisture-retaining ericaceous acid soil and regular watering, they got great write-ups as reasonably low-maintenance shrubs which can produce “bags of fruit”.The only hitch I could see was that they prefer to be planted in late autumn and early winter when dormant – but a quick chat with my local nursery reassured me that for pots, I could just about get away with planting them now.

via How to grow blueberries in pots – Telegraph.

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