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Head away from the market town of Tenbury Wells in north-west Worcestershire in the general direction of Hereford and you will notice that the trees take on a different shape.
Pretty much all the poplars, limes and willows, as well as hawthorns and lots of the craggy fruit trees in the great numbers of orchards in this part of the world, bear airy, silhouetted, spherical masses of mistletoe.
For Tenbury Wells is widely acknowledged to be “the mistletoe capital of Britain”. Mistletoe auctions have been held here for more than 100 years. When they were threatened with closure a few years ago, the local people were determined to preserve their mistletoe legacy. In 2004, they initiated an annual mistletoe festival with a procession led by druids.
Suzanne Thomas, a practising druid who takes part in the festival, says: “It’s magic. It’s just amazing stuff. It’s got this lovely energy about it.”
Its appeal is easy to discern. The berries stand out, white and slightly shiny, scattered over what looks like two massive stork’s nests, packed back to back.

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