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• The Battle of Pinkie, in 1547, may have featured knights in armour but it was the first battle in Britain where gunpowder played a decisive role, and Scottish troops were bombarded by land and sea

Now Historic Scotland, the Scottish Government agency tasked with safeguarding the country’s historic environment, has released a new inventory of 17 historic battlefield sites in Scotland to give them greater protection in future planning decisions.

Detailed maps released today show historians’ best guess of where armies marched and fought, with some areas already heavily developed.

The Inventory of Historic Battlefields does not offer new legal protections, but aims to stir local community interest, raise the sites’ profiles, and help planners to keep what remains as “sustainable” historic sites.

The battle sites range from Bannockburn – partly buried under modern Stirling and still seen as threatened by development – to the lesser-known but brutal and bloody Battle of Pinkie, in 1547, near Musselburgh and Wallyford.

Up to 15,000 Scots died at Pinkie, historians believe, several times more than Culloden, in a pitched battle between the Scots and the English armies of Henry VIII.

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