Hallowe'en at Ham House in Surrey: Is anybody there…? – Telegraph   Leave a comment

This macabre mutt is said to haunt 17th-century Ham House in Surrey. Visitors have been taken aback on a regular basis. “Only recently,’’ says a member of staff at the house, “we had a visitor who complained to us one afternoon that someone was letting a spaniel run amok in the upper rooms. There was no dog there, of course.’’ Recently, a dog’s skeleton was unearthed in the kitchen garden.
There are plenty more ghosts at Ham House, including a malevolent Duchess who looms up behind one when one is looking in her bedchamber mirror, and an antique wheelchair that moves of its own accord… of which more later.
Indeed, there are so many spectres jostling about in these beautifully preserved rooms that Ham House runs special evening ghost walks – and ghost societies make pilgrimages here.

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