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Gardening calendar – October 2010 – Telegraph.

via Gardening calendar – October 2010 – Telegraph.

Hazel View Farm kitchen garden

October is when gardeners really get to work on the body beautiful.

Whether they care about rippling abs, pecs and biceps or not, every muscle group will be put through its paces, digging – or even double-digging – the kitchen garden, planting container-grown shrubs, trees and climbers, laying a new lawn and preparing the garden for winter.

October often brings the first frosts. It also brings leaf colour and apple cake. It’s harvest festival.

And pumpkins go under the knife. So take time out to enjoy these seasonal delights before putting the garden to bed for winter.


Not only are the days shorter and the temperatures lower, but October also brings stronger winds and 25 per cent more rain compared with September. The first frost of the season occurs in the first week in northern Britain and near the month’s end in the south. An Indian summer happens about one year in four.

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