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Pinara Ancient Lycian City in Fethiye, Mugla T...

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Turkey: Walking ancient paths on the Lycian Way – Telegraph.

via Turkey: Walking ancient paths on the Lycian Way – Telegraph.

The sea looked tantalisingly close, but to reach it involved a scramble down a cliff with fixed ropes where, according to the guidebook, “a fall could be fatal”. We took the easier option, joining the gathering group of walkers nursing beers at the cliff edge of Butterfly Valley, as the sun made its descent into the shimmering waters off the Turkish coast.

Our goal was to walk four days of the Lycian Way, Turkey’s first long-distance route, a trail of 316 miles that starts at Ovacik, near Fethiye, and ends at Antalya.

The walk is a classic journey through history. Among other things, it follows ancient paths and goat tracks Alexander the Great traced on his march through Lycia more than 2,000 years ago. Along the route are rock caves and tombs, relics of ancient civilisations and opportunities to stop at former strategic cities such as Xanthos and Patara, still home to staggering ruins of tombs and amphitheatres. Our walk would climb into the Babadag mountains, which follows the Teke peninsula (formerly Lycia) with the Taurus Mountains behind. South across the Mediterranean are views of the Greek island of Meis and on a clear day you can see the island of Rhodes.

We were six women of varying stages of fitness, accompanied by our “fixer” Suha and his friend Ahmet, both friends of Di, who organised our trip and who visits Turkey so often she is a virtually a resident of Kalkan. That first day combined all the components of adventure: dramatic weather (a hail storm), historic landmarks, breathtaking scenery, exhaustion and elation.

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