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Found at Ground Zero
Recovered artifacts bear witness to lives and buildings lost on September 11, 2001.
Photos: Ira Block; Source: National September 11 Memorial & Museum

If every object tells a story, the ones displayed here speak of thousands with a common ending: a Georgia man whose wife slipped him a love note 1 for his trip to New York City; a woman with prayer beads 2 at work on the 98th fl oor of the World Trade Center; a husband who always carried a two-dollar bill 3 to remind him how lucky he was to have met his second wife. Collected for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, the objects tell of love, faith (Bible pages fused to metal 4), lifestyles (a Mercedes key 5 and a golf ball 6), and a workday (computer keyboard 7) that came to a tragic end in 2001. The museum, set to open in September 2012, has some 3,000 artifacts so far, hundreds of them bestowed by relatives of those who perished. A ladies’ shoe 8 is one of several objects here that belong to survivors. The four-inch heels carried their owner down 62 fl oors, away from the crumbling south tower, and across the Manhattan Bridge to safety.



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