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Good for you Britain

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Burka ban ruled out by immigration minister

Britain will not follow France by introducing a law banning women from wearing
the burka, the immigration minister has ruled.

By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor

Published: 8:28PM BST 17 Jul 2010

A woman in a burka

Damian Green said such a move would be “rather un-British” and run contrary to
the conventions of a “tolerant and mutually respectful society”.

He said it would be “undesirable” for Parliament to vote on a burka ban in
Britain and that there was no prospect of the Coalition proposing it.

His comments will dismay the growing number of supporters of a ban. A YouGov
survey last week found that 67 per cent of voters wanted the wearing of
full-face veils to be made illegal.

Mr Green used a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Telegraph, his
first since taking up his post at the Home Office in May, to issue a
“message around the world that Britain is no longer a soft touch on



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